Hi, we’re Humankind Water.

Every time you purchase this bottle, you’re providing clean water for the world.

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Contaminated water is
the leading cause of death for children around the globe.

Nearly half the world’s hospital beds are filled with people who are sick or dying from a water-borne illness. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Together, we can end the world’s water crisis.

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785 million people all over the world lack access to clean water

Humankind has helped over 200,000 people receive clean water so far

Make Your Impact

Your purchase of Humankind water goes further than the bottle in your cart. Your purchase sends water – and hope, and kindness – around the world through the building of clean water projects like new wells, well repairs, water catchment systems, hand washing stations, and filters.

It all starts with water.

Our water is not magic – it is pure, premium spring water that happens to do more than quench your thirst. When you buy Humankind water, 100% of the net profits go directly towards helping other people receive clean drinking water.

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100% of your donation will be used to build clean water projects for those in desperate need.